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shitty glitch experimental facebook timeline 2D

Facebook's timeline experimental cover - Personal work / 2D

fake circuit remparts poster 2D

Fake "Circuit des Remparts d'Angoulême" poster - School work / 2D

logo IUT angoulême 2D

Logo for my school - School work / 2D

my mind 2D

Representation of my mind - School work / 2D

link the luberjack 2D

Link character modeling - Personal work / 3D

sweet king 3D

Sweet King - Personnal work / 3D

earth 3D

Reconstitution of earth - School work / 3D

monkey modeling 3D

Monkey modeling and rigging - Personal work / 3D

experiment stripes logo 3D

Experiment with stripes and my logo - Personal work / 3D

monster finds heaven

Just a monster who finds heaven - School work / 2D

game card little girl 2D

Graphic work for a game card - School work / 2D

game card mother 2D

Graphic work for a game card - School work / 2D

game card father 2D

Graphic work for a game card - School work / 2D

Nonsense video for the 24h/24s' WEBTV.

Includes :
Troll Jackpot //
Elevator Ninja //
Useless TV Presenter //

Reportage de fin de 2ème année d'SRC.
Thématique : le travail des étudiants.
Reportage for second year of SRC.
Theme: student work.
Audio :

My entry for the Greyscalegorilla Five Second Project.
Theme: "Bounce"

Music Track: Mr Troy - L'arche (June scratchs)

Five second project based on a comic style I appreciate a lot.

Soundtrack by Corentin Gautier - "Something important"

Honorable Mention !

A new kind of hero is born. Enjoy!

My submission for the 8th Mattrunks' Contest "Living Colors".

Made with Cinema4D and After Effects.

Soundtrack by Obny :

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Short video for the 7th Mattrunks' Contest "The Show Must Go On".

This is a little story about love with cartoon style.
Win the 2nd place !

Soundtrack by Obny :
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My Submission for GSG's 5 Second Project /////

Theme : "Nothing But Cubes".
Made with C4D and AE.

Lot of cubes, lots of keyframes and lot of coffee !

Music : "Win" from Level by Disasterpeace

Submission for the GSG's Five Second Project “Monster Bash”

Made with Cinema4D and After Effects.
Lot of fun to animate this monster !

Experimental exercise with Cinema 4D and After Effects

I try to use primitives in different ways

Music : Suicide Stutter - Matta, taken from the "The Lost" record released by Ad Noiseam (adn126)



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